Monday, 14 August 2017

What is art?

Today we talked about what we think art is and why artists create artworks. We shared our ideas on a padlet. This is a great way for us all to work on one 'wall' at the same time. We had to be cybersmart and respect other peoples' posts. It is also important that we express our own ideas, not copy from someone else or paste from the internet. We will add more to this padlet over the next week or so.

Made with Padlet

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Dancing Stars in Room 17

We were fortunate to have the wonderful team from Dances in Schools come and teach the whole school two dances in just two weeks.  Room 17 children (and teachers!) learnt a hip hop and a salsa.  It was a lot of fun and the children grew in confidence as they practised the steps each day.  By the second week they were ready for the performance. Here they are at their final rehearsal.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

More fantastic bird feeder designs

Most of the class successfully designed and made a bird feeder in the last couple of weeks.  The children were following the design process and discovered that sometimes there are challenges with getting a design from paper to the actual prototype.  Some displayed great perseverance and ability to problem-solve when things didn't quite work out!  
Here are some of our finished feeders. Great job Room 17!

More photos of the bird feeders and designs will be posted on a Google Slide presentation soon.

We are now designing bird houses and bird baths. Lucky birds!

Science in a Van

On Tuesday we had a very exciting visit from Science in a Van.  The presenters showed a range of science 'stunts' involving forces.  They even involved Mrs Marshall who had to pull a tablecloth off the table without the items on it falling onto the floor.  They 'wowed' us all by swinging a board around with   3 glasses of water on it.  Not one glass fell off.

Carolyn wrote:
I think Room 17’s favourite was when the man was putting three glasses (with water) on a white board and was spinning it around spirally.  The three cups stayed on the whiteboard!  And the science behind was... a force was helping the cups stay on the whiteboard.  Some of us thought there was a magnet helping the cups to stay in place.  Well there wasn’t because how do we magnetize the water?

The most excitement came later with bubbles.  Thanks to some super bubble mixture from the US, Alan was able to create amazing bubbles which stayed in the air for a really long time. We learned about the different gases contained in bubbles.  He even pumped 'dry ice', otherwise known as carbon dioxide, into a bubble.


We will definitely be incorporating more Science into our learning over the next two terms.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Bird feeders underway

Thanks to our photographer Eleanor who did a wonderful job of capturing everyone hard at working designing and making bird feeders out of recyclable materials.

Tomorrow another group will have their turn.  We hope to encourage many native birds to our school environment so we'll be making sugar water too.


We watched a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis this week. It was a male monarch (distinguished by its black spot on each hind wing) and an unlikely survivor in our New Zealand winter.  Sadly the second chrysalis didn't emerge.  If you see it winging its way across the playground, wish it well.  It has to survive until next Spring.

What is art?

Today we talked about what we think art is and why artists create artworks. We shared our ideas on a padlet. This is a great way for us al...